Your great products, paired with our know-how, general artistry, e-commerce strategy, market insights and potential, will pave the way to digital commerce success.


A decade of cutting-edge expertise, strategic guidance and tactical know-how, topped with a genuine interest in e-commerce.

At AYG, we bring together seasoned professionals within e-commerce and daily operations, to guide and assist clients in key areas such as customer acquisition, usability, conversion, customer & product management, with the purpose of boosting online sales, while maximizing gross margins.

General guidance

Our 10+ years of in-depth e-commerce experience enables us to recommend creative and technical solutions and integrations, based on your needs and objectives in order to meet goals, drive results and achieve extraordinary growth.

Platforming consultancy

With so many possibilities to choose from, the right platforming choice can be a daunting task.
With our guidance, we'll build and launch a new online shop or migrate your existing one to the right platform that will help you scale and achieve further growth. All this with minimal downtime and full data integrity.

Digital marketing strategy

We'll guide you in creating a digital marketing strategy for the ultimate compelling commerce experience with a cross-channel strategy comprised of digital ads, social media, mobile, search, affiliate and email marketing, corroborated with a persuasive content plan.

UX audits

We'll use web and behavior analysis tools such as Hotjar and Google Analytics to analyze your customer journey and pinpoint usability issues in order to eliminate friction and create a personalized shopping experience that persuades your visitors and delivers customer loyalty.

Technical audits

Improve your business results and optimize your online shop performance and security with a technical audit comprised of clear, specific and actionable recommendations.
Our team will analyze your online shop's code to identify bugs, errors, potential security problems, and untapped opportunities.


We’d love to know more about your e-commerce strategy project.

We are always up for a challenge! Drop us a line and let’s see how we can reach your e-commerce goals.

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