We love e-commerce design. This is why we'll use our technical know-how, our creative drive and design mindset to deliver responsive, customer centric digital experiences.


We design first-class user experiences to ensure customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

At AYG, we don’t just create beautiful e-commerce sites, we create beautiful experiences.

We’ll design a perfect fit commerce experience for your brand. That is to say, we will differentiate you from your competitors and we will delight your customers.

User centered designs

We bridge the gap between our clients and their customers. We combine market research, product development, strategy and design to create seamless digital commerce user experiences.
We go from understanding needs, to fulfilling needs and exceeding expectations.

Responsive design

We practice Inclusive Design to bring value to all kinds of users because we are strong believers that good design means good business. We'll ``dress`` your website to impress. Above all, we'll optimize the experience for both mobile & desktop devices, with the core device at heart based on your specific audience insights.

Graphic design

We'll take on the mission to communicate your brand's ideals to users and establish a trustworthy visual presence through visual content.
We'll combine typography, user psychology, images and color theory to create good-looking designs that maximize usability.

Full or incremental re-design

After the launch, we take a hands-on approach and monitor your website to continuously improve the user experience. We employ design thinking and lean UX to conduct experiments and gather continuous feedback in order to ensure both user-centricity and business added value.

Store usability improvement

We conduct research by gathering both qualitative and quantitative data to pinpoint problems and eliminate the points of friction. Therefore, we optimize the environment for maximum user comfort and overall experience.


Our e-commerce design process will ensure that it's not just aesthetically pleasing, but also research driven and delivers a great digital commerce experience - for end users and business growth.

Step 1.


We'll start the e-commerce design process by conducting extensive research through stakeholder interviews, qualitative and quantitative data, as well as competitor analysis. As a result, we'll fully grasp your business and current challenge.

Step 2


We'll then use this feedback to identify the user’s goals, emotions, pain-points and behaviors. Based on these, we'll create user personas.
Once user personas are created, we'll define what they are trying to accomplish when using your website, and the journey they will take to do so. At this point, we'll consider information architecture and use card sorting techniques to map out user flows.

Step 3


Now that we know what steps the user needs to take to complete their desired objectives, we will visually brainstorm solutions for each of these steps. In addition, we'll create wireframes and prototypes of what the final website might look like.

Step 4


Finally, we will conduct usability tests to see how users interact with the website. At this point, we will present our ideas and e-commerce design to key stakeholders. Above all, we'll see if the concept is accurate, or if incremental changes need to be made.


We’d love to know more about your e-commerce design project.

We are always up for a challenge! Drop us a line and let’s see how we can reach your e-commerce goals.

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