Hassle free Magento 2 Migration to stay ahead of customer trends and competition. Get to market fast, create amazing, differentiated branded experiences and achieve growth ambitions.


We are fully equipped to handle your Magento 2 Migration and help you scale in the process.

We have positioned ourselves as the best Magento development provider in Constanta and one of the top Magento solution providers Romania-wide by having developed solid solutions for more than 100 B2C and B2B online store owners from Europe and beyond.

From native marketplaces developed in Magento to Magento 2 migration, and from Accelerated Mobile Pages Magento themes to Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps, we have done it all.


We have a wide area of expertise, e-commerce insights and loads of practice during our many years of Magento development.


We have a decade of Magento development under our belts and 5 years of Magento 2 development specifically. Since then, back when it was still in beta version, our team has already migrated dozens of online stores from Magento 1 to Magento 2.


We have a genuine passion for all things e-commerce and a general objective in establishing long-term win-win relationships.


Take advantage of the ultimate Magento 2 features and experience the next level of e-commerce performance.

Great features combined with multiple customization options make Magento 2 a powerful platform and a reliable partner, no matter if you focus on B2C or B2B.

Choosing AYG as your Magento 2 Migration service provider will allow you to focus on your core business, while having a reliable team onboard to do the heavy lifting.

Highly secure

You need no worry about security issues. Magento actively monitors the security of their platform and releases new security patches periodically to remove prospective vulnerabilities in its platform. Moreover, your customer data is in good hands

Improved performance

Magento 2 provides 50% faster page loads than Magento 1, with a 38% faster checkout process and 135,000 more orders. Furthermore, Magento 2 can handle 10 million page views and can process 28% more orders, both on an hourly basis.

Powerful & scalable

Magento 2 is powerful enough to handle all your e-commerce needs, including the ability to process millions of views, customers and orders, as well as handle a large inventory.

Multi-store functionality

Lots of stores to manage? Don't worry, Magento 2 provides merchants with the option to manage multiple stores from a single admin panel. Additionally, you can add multi-language and serve multiple countries.

SEO & Mobile optimized

Magento 2 comes with advanced SEO features and heaps of marketing features which will positively impact your search engine rankings.
Equally important, Magento 2 is mobile friendly, including a seamless checkout experience.

Limitless customization

Magento 2 is completely flexible and highly customizable, thus we can extend the platform to stand out from the crowd and meet your unique needs.


Our Magento 2 Migration process will ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime and zero data loss.

Though the vast majority of migrations performed by AYG were conducted from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you can choose to have your store migrated to Magento 2 from other e-commerce platforms, as well. For example, Shopify, Prestashop, OpenCart are common platforms that we migrate to Magento 2.

Step 1.

Prepare your store for migration

We'll start the migration process with a thorough analysis of your shop to identify the current needs for your Magento 2 new shop.
During this step, we'll check all the modules you have installed and decide which ones we'll move to Magento 2.
Some of the extensions will no longer be needed since Magento 2 comes with a lot of built-in features. Others will need to be custom developed based on your needs, while for others we will be able to propose viable alternatives.

Step 2

Initial data migration

During this step, we will migrate your Magento 1 database into the Magento 2 structure and research any bottleneck issues. If any issues arise, we fix them.
We use the Data Migration Tool provided by Magento.

Step 3

Install 3rd party modules

During this step, we install any 3rd party modules, based on the researched merchant needs.

Step 4

Develop custom modules

We can custom develop a specific solution for you or implement custom changes in modules or in Magento's functionality and logic according to your specific needs.

Step 5

Theme implementation

Along with the custom backend development process, we work on the visual side of your new shop. We can either adapt a marketplace theme, or custom build one from scratch.

Step 6

Testing & QA

During this step, we browses through the store, check the pages and the features, conduct cross-browser and cross-device testing to be sure everything works as it should.
All reported bugs are centralized in the bug tracking platform and are assigned to developers to be fixed.

Step 7

2nd data migration

We perform the final data migration.

Step 8


Ready, set, go! Your brand new Magento store is live.
At this stage, we check the technical SEO aspects and we switch all payment methods to live mode. Finally, we conduct the final QA on the live domain.

Step 9

Monitor & improve

After the launch, we take a hands-on approach and monitor your website to continuously improve the user experience. We employ design thinking and lean UX to conduct experiments and gather continuous feedback in order to ensure both user-centricity and business added value.

Step 10

Support & maintenance

We don't part ways once the shop is live. We offer ongoing support and maintenance to keep your Magento store healthy and performant.


We’d love to know more about your Magento 2 Migration project.

We are always up for a challenge! Drop us a line and let’s see how we can reach your e-commerce goals.

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