April 2, 2020

Urmaker Larsen

Urmaker Larsen has been delivering quality watches and watchmaking services to Bærum since 1904. They now took the commitment of delivering the same quality to the rest of Norway. And so, they approached AYG.

Hence, we took on the challenge to create a digital commerce experience worthy of a de facto market leader that Urmaker Larsen truly is.


AYG's main challenge was to re-think the entire digital commerce experience and build an enterprise feel Magento shop.

  • Design

    Bespoke UX/UI Design

  • Client

    Urmaker Larsen Sandvika

  • Technologies

    Magento 2

  • Budget

    25k - 50k

Open Project


Meet Urmaker Larsen.

Urmaker Larsen is an online store dedicated to providing their customers with an unbeatable selection of luxury watches and service & repairs workshop.

Headquartered in Norway, they’ve been proudly serving customers since 1904!

For over 115 years, Urmaker Larsen have delivered good professional knowledge, service and experiences to all their customers. Now, their brand promise is to keep on delivering the same level of quality for the next 115 years.


Urmaker Larsen - the brand new system.

Our mission in this project was clear from the beginning. We wanted to help our client stay true to their brand promise: the ambitious goal of delivering good professional knowledge, service and experiences to customers for the next 115 years.

Urmaker Larsen was built on Magento Open Source 2.3. and upgraded constantly to the latest available version.

The shop was integrated with various 3rd party modules and business systems, which we also extended to meet the client’s specific needs.

We also developed some custom workflows they have envisioned in order to better support their customers.

We took a holistic approach when designing the new Urmaker Larsen store. We created the concept based on specific insights derived from the luxury watches niche and e-commerce trends. Above these, we took into consideration data insights as well as buying patterns we received from focus groups and customer feedback.

This has resulted in a modern and clean, responsive design, with an optimized flow that provides an optimal interaction experience across a wide range of devices.

Currently, Urmaker Larsen is on a support retainer in order to further extend the shop’s functionality.

We are monitoring and continuously improving the online store and executing project plans that address front-end, back-end, and customer-facing issues.


Optimized omnichannel digital commerce experience with In-Store Pickup feature.

AYG customized the In-Store Pickup feature for all 5 Urmaker Larsen brick-and-mortar shops. On a side note, this proved to be a valuable asset in the pandemic context.


Hard work always pays off.

Business impact

Design thinking principles, an optimized UX/UI digital commerce experience and custom technical solutions are behind this Magento 2 build – all these aimed to complement company values and highlight product quality and their stellar customer service.

We are now working closely with the customer’s team to drive online sales.


We love a good challenge.

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