August 1, 2020


Packlinq is a Dutch-based company, founded in 2012, specialized in selling a wide range of products on the packaging and hobby niche.

They take pride in their customer pricing, product shapes and availability, service, delivery and rewards model and strive to become the best store in Europe on their niche.

Packlinq and AYG have had a long history working together. In 2018, we started the support of their Magento 1 store where we did several changes to make it more responsive alongside fixing various bugs and extending features.

Hence, we saw an opportunity to take things to the next level and after a business trip to The Netherlands, we officially started the Magento 2 migration, with a number of essential needs, ranging from a top-down redesign, a headless approach implementation, to complex workflow automation between various business systems.


AYG's main challenge was to transform Packlinq into a leader of digital commerce, with a redefined mobile experience using a headless approach and an enterprise Magento look & feel.

  • Design

    Bespoke UX/UI Design

  • Client


  • Technologies

    Magento 2, PWA

  • Budget

    25k - 50k

Open Project


Meet Packlinq.

Packlinq is an online store dedicated to providing their customers with an unbeatable selection of packaging or hobby material.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, they’ve been proudly serving customers since 2012, striving to become the best packaging and hobby store in Europe, with a customer focus and the widest range of products in terms of price, shape, and availability.

They make their customers happy by going the extra mile and by doing what they promise.


Packlinq - the brand new system.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration with minimal downtime to sales and operations.

Packlinq was built on Magento Open Source 2.2. and constantly upgraded to the latest available version.

First of all, since this was a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration project, we needed to ensure all the essential data was taken over to the new website, including customer data, order details, custom extensions, and so on.

One of the main challenges was to adapt every third party module and Magento itself to a headless approach, making sure every module with a frontend functionality offers a GraphQL implementation.

For a seamless user experience, we created custom configuration product templates which allow the users to choose their desired product with advanced filtering control.

We heavily extended Magento’s features with custom modules for complete catalog intake and order fulfillment, custom shipping methods with additional shipping fees, custom ReactJs Adyen implementation, custom checkout flow and many others.

On top of that, we integrated the shop with various 3rd party modules, which we also extended to meet the client’s specific needs.

Mobile commerce is projected to see a massive increase and since consumption insights showed that lots of users were accessing the Packlinq store using a mobile device, we went ahead and chose the headless commerce approach.

We created and integrated a bespoke Progressive Web Apps theme and since PWA Studio was under construction when we were actively developing the Packlinq store, we had a close collaboration with the PWA Studio team.

Being an early adopter of PWA came with challenges as well, since we had to develop PWA components for all the modules that we integrated in the store.

The end result is a fast and performant digital commerce experience, with instantaneous access to the store, with a major impact on conversion optimization, users being better engaged and retained.

Thanks to the push notifications function, it’s effortlessly to notify customers of news and promotions, thus, it positively impacted sales and reach.

Overall, we saw huge advantages with using Progressive Web Apps in Magento 2 conversion rate growth, decline in application weight, rise in the number of users being top 3.

The UX & UI of the new Packlinq website was a really complex endeavor since the packaging niche has a series of unique and specialized aspects to take into account.

The biggest challenge in the redesign process was overhauling the information architecture. We thoroughly analyzed how users behave and researched the industry in order to bridge the gap between the technical requirements of enabling such an outcome and user expectations.

Thus, we picked our brains and creative mindsets to come up with an aesthetical pleasing concept where different products, packaging options, different bundles and price tiers are presented, while maintaining the business logic and behind-the-scenes workflows.

Currently, Packlinq is on a support retainer in order to further extend the shop’s functionality.

We are monitoring and continuously improving the online store and executing project plans that address front-end, back-end, and customer-facing issues.


Headless commerce for a modern digital user experience.

As an early adaptor of headless commerce, Packlinq will have the technical capability to offer personalized shopping environments and will be a digital differentiator in the hobby and packaging market.


Project by the numbers.

0 +
% Website Users

Since the launch, the Packlinq online store grew with +125% in Total Users.

0 +
% Total Revenue

Since the launch, the Packlinq online store grew with +45% in Total Sales.

% Avg Server Response Time

Since the launch, the Packlinq online store decreased with 84% in Average Server Response Time.


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