It's time for commerce without limits with Magento, the world's most flexible commerce platform and AYG's Magento support packages and ecosystem.


We're well aware that, in any area, leadership comes with great insight and depth. Niche specialization, practice, and context diversity redefine artistry.


We have 10 years of Magento development under our belts. We are seasoned in all areas of an e-commerce store and we are all in to make your e-commerce journey a success.


When you are under a support subscription, your ticket becomes our top priority. We have a genuine passion for all things e-commerce and a general objective in establishing long-term win-win relationships.


Our Magento Support Packages provide business owners with a cost effective solution for keeping their Magento store running optimally.

Magento is the most popular commerce platform in the world, with more than 250,000 merchants around the globe selling more and driving innovation.

AYG guides, assists and supports clients all over the world to achieve e-commerce success. We have positioned ourselves as the best Magento solution provider in Constanta and one of the top Magento solution providers Romania-wide by having developed solid solutions for more than 100 B2C and B2B online store owners from Europe and beyond.



per month

The Start Up Magento support package includes 8 hours of support per




per month

The Boutique Magento support package includes 16 hours of support per month.




per month

The Plus Magento support package includes 32 hours of support per month.




per month

The All Inclusive Magento support package includes 64 hours of support per month.


Sign up for a 12 month agreement and get an additional 10% discount. The subscription is paid in advance.

All our Magento Support packages include the following features:

  • Bug fixes
  • Consulting
  • Magento customizations
  • Code changes & text changes
  • Graphic updates
  • Integrations with third-party systems & services
  • Magento extension installations
  • Magento version upgrades
  • Magento website uptime & performance monitoring
  • Security status analysis & vulnerabilities patches
  • Periodic site performance reviews
  • Development of additional features
  • Other enhancements & changes as per customer needs


Magento can be easily customized to correspond to your needs. And that's exactly what we're offering:
NO locked-in agreements. Flexible. Win-Win.


Tired of tracing Magento errors? Then choose one of our Magento Support packages above.
Still have questions? Maybe this will help.

Sounds great. How do I start?

Just select your package and contact us. We will follow up with our Support Agreement, we will sign it and then invoice you for the starting month.
Once the payment is received, your support retainer officially starts. You will be provided with access to our ticketing system, DoneDone, where you will be able to add requests and prioritize them based on urgency. A project manager will then allocate the tickets to a developer who will fix them.
At the end of each month, we will send you a monthly report on how the hours were used, and the invoice for the following month.

Do you provide any discounts?

Sure we do. If you choose to prepay an annual retainer, you get a 10% discount.
Other discounts may be provided for custom retainers, over a certain limit of prepaid hours. Contact us to discuss your specific scenario.

Do you have custom support packages?

Sure we do. We can build a tailor-made support package to fit your needs.
Contact us and let’s discuss your specific business scenario.

What happens if I finish the allocated hours in one month?

In case you require more hours than what’s allocated in your package, if and only AYG has availability, the difference will be substracted from the next month’s subscription, or you can choose to have it billed separately at the end of the month at a rate of €60/hour.
Should this happen in case you prepaid the entire contract in advance, the difference will be billed separately at a rate of €60/hour.
Please note that the current hourly rate is subject to change. Please contact us to get an accurate cost.

What happens if I didn’t use all the allocated hours in one month?

This agreement is a subscription type, therefore all the hours that were not used in a month will expire. We only take as many support agreements as we have people to manage them, therefore we guarantee the development time and our client guarantees the support tasks. You can always switch between packages in case you need more or less development time. You only need to notify us 30 days before the next billing cycle.

Do I need to enter my credit card details in order to buy the right Magento Support Package for my needs?

No. You will sign up by completing our contact form and we will follow up with our Support Agreement, we will sign it and then we will invoice you. Once payment is received, we will start the development process.


How are tickets handled?

Tickets are handled via our ticketing system, DoneDone. Depending on the agreed retainer package, your slot will be divided per 4 working weeks and it will result in a guaranteed number of hours per each week, during which our dedicated developers will actively work on your tickets.
All support tickets will be solved during AYG days and hours of business operation, Monday to Friday, from 10 AM – 6 PM, EET (Eastern European Time), excluding holidays and national free days. Support requests received after operating hours will be reviewed and assigned the following business day.
Critical tickets (tickets that imply an online shop not being functional in terms of uptime or payment) will be actioned immediately as these enter our ticketing system, during the operating hours, or first thing next business day outside of operating hours.

What is the minimum duration of the support agreement?

We have no locked-in agreements. Our partners are free to terminate the agreement as soon as they believe their interests are not represented anymore.
Our support packages are flexible, thus, you can reserve a 8h package this month and no support package next month. All you have to do is provide a 30 day notice and that’s it.
If you pre-paid an annual package, received your 10% discount and choose to terminate the agreement, unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide a refund.
Please note that all prices listed on this page are subject to change. Please contact us for an updated and accurate cost.

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