March 1, 2020


In today’s highly-paced world, more consumers than ever embrace the slow movement. This has created ripe market conditions for digitally-native brands that strive to rethink the approach on fashion.

Using only the best materials available, MOTIFSIO unites contemporary creators and craftsmen in the process of creating handmade accessories that bring an extra touch of sophistication and challenge the status quo to make its mark in modern society.

When MOTIFSIO approached AYG, they were a just-launched and rapidly-growing brand without e-commerce capabilities.

MOTIFSIO knew they needed to take advantage of the B2C market, bolstered by the fact that they had an incredible product which had already been highly successful in the market test groups.



AYG used an iterative development model for maximum business value outcome with a speedy activation of e-commerce functionality using Shopify and custom development of special features such as real-time personalization.

  • Design

    Incremental UI/UX Design

  • Client


  • Technologies


  • Budget

    5 - 10k

Open Project



MOTIFSIO is an online store dedicated to providing their customers with custom phone cases for a unique look and an iconic personal branding.

Headquartered in Constanta, Romania, they’ve been proudly serving customers since 2019, looking to offer a new way to express oneself through fashionable accessories, personalized with an additional individual note.

Using only the best materials available, MOTIFSIO was designed to challenge the status quo and make its mark in modern society, as it seems to bring an extra touch of sophistication to their delicate customers.


MOTIFSIO - the brand new system.

Speedy activation of e-commerce functionality via Shopify for maximum value outcomes.

MOTIFSIO needed a fast-to-market solution, hence, the option to go with Shopify was accurate in terms of client needs and development time.
In doing this, we combined out-of-the-box Shopify features with custom made solutions and delivered a seamless user-experience.

Our client chose a stock theme instead of a custom-made theme in order to speed development time. However, in order to fit the overall brand identity, sections of the shops were redesigned in order to meet specific needs.
Furthermore, usability tests are conducted on a continuous basis and incremental re-designs are applied in accordance with data insights.

Currently, MOTIFSIO is on a support retainer in order to further extend the shop’s functionality.


Custom personalization feature for a seamless user experience.

The shop features a real-time personalization feature that allows the user to add his personal signature – gold or silver monogram. This feature provides an awesome shopping experience with an accurate look of the end result, ones own handmade custom iPhone case.


Hard work always pays off.

Business impact

The iconic MOTIFSIO product tells a story, hence, we took it upon ourselves to share this story within the digital commerce spectrum.
We focused on UX and UI to deliver a new intuitive design, easier to navigate, focused on providing product information, and optimized for organic search.
We are now working closely with the customer’s team to drive online sales.


We love a good challenge.

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