TEDxConstanta – An exquisite way to look at the world together

Wondering what’s AYG been up to, lately?

Well, by day, during office hours, we’re writing awesome and clean Magento code and building online marketplaces. And we love it. But if you’ve been here before and you’re familiar to our MO, you know we also have an “after-hours agenda”. Remember, a few months ago when we held that Social Media workshop, NGO customized? Or when we got involved in planting trees for the well-being of our local environment?

That was because we strongly believe in social responsibility and we live by “Passion. Inspire Change!”. AYG always aimed to bring positive changes in all contexts we activated in. And if you want to know more about that, here’s part of the AYG mindset depicted. Speaking of which, we’re also acting out a strong set of values we’re very fond of – values such as leadership and innovation. So, it simply made sense…

This time, it simply made sense for us to speak out ideas worth spreading :). We bet that tagline sounds familiar. 😉 We’re locally crafting the TED experience. Yes, you guessed it, right – we’re bringing TEDxConstanta to life. In the words of our leader, Raluca Elena Dinca-Ionita:

For the second time in Constanta and in the spirit of ideas worth spreading, we’re aligning to the TED concept. Only, this time, we’re doing it as organizers and sponsors. Why? Because we want to become a vector driving change, involvement, and active participation. In the context of deep talks, imminent connections and inspiration. For bold ideas that facilitate business innovation, science, technology, design, and art.

At the same time, back when we were students ourselves, a sensible part of the AYG team has activated in AIESEC – the largest youth NGO. There, one of the most representative figures of our generation, Dey Dos, a genuine change agent, talked a lot about pop-corns. And how we’re just like them. We’re small, yellow(-ish) and somewhat without purpose, in a way. That’s until you warm us up. And with the right amount of heat for the right amount of time, we pop. We get to pop into greater and fairer versions of ourselves.

So, what’s heating the world today? Depends on where you look. But, it’s definitely different from what sweltered our parents’ summers, per se.

We’re facing stronger moral issues, now. The ones that poke at how we see family and God or how we feed ourselves.

We’re dealing with technological innovations that seem to be rushing life instead of slowing it down, leaving us with even more questions and wonders.

In our search for meaning and how to do life, though, we seem to be going back to what truly matters. We challenge norms and question patterns. We’re trying social entrepreneurship and personal development in terms of mindfulness and civic involvement.

We’re looking for ways to balance and optimize our creational processes.

Each of us on our own. And then, when we feel the search coming to an end, we grab a group of close friends, talk it over and start planning the actual changes that make this world go forward, rather than round.

Because, we’re stronger together. And when changing the world, we’re actually never alone. But, have you ever noticed, how, in fact, it’s the ideas that bring us together?

This is exactly why TEDxConstanta is here, for the second time.

Because, TEDxConstanta is your other way to look at the world. The exquisite way to be inspired. By looking at the world together.

TEDxConstanta 2017 is for when you head out the door without a safety net. That moment when you look around and realize you’ve got dreams and solutions… and that’s about it. On a radius of a few thousand square miles of ideas.

But you get to find your relatively small group of committed and determined individuals here.

And, this time, you’re in luck.

We’re gathering Sunday, September 10th, at Zenith Spa & Conference Hotel in Mamaia. We’re doing it for the deeper conversations. The ones that matter and spark the real transformations – both with ourselves and in the contexts we frame.

We’re bringing remarkable speakers and outstanding performers to challenge your worldview for a day. To share their passion for life and inspire their grit. And secrets on how to keep going when the going gets tougher.

We’re doing Innovation Booths to make you question the current systems and forsee how to improve them.

We’re gathering Sunday, September 10th, at Zenith Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia for an imagination game – a timeline crafted for your own quest that stirs personal growth.

We’re gathering Sunday, September 10th, at Zenith Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia for a day filled with euphemisms and jokes and laughter. With challenges, sweaty palms, weak knees and beautiful stories. Innovation, social movements, passion, tons of work, lessons learned and ideas worth spreading. In other words – LIFE: HOW TO – the second TEDxConstanta edition.

And don’t worry, lunch is on us. Or, in other words…
Come to TEDxConstanta 2017, we’ve got treats. And speakers. And ideas worth spreading.

You can get your tickets on the TEDxConstanta 2017 website, respectively at: www.tedxconstanta.ro/bilete.
For more information on TEDxConstanta 2017 – from how you can be a volunteer within the organizational team to how your company can support the event, tune in on: www.tedxconstanta.ro.

The TED Conference sets the general frame for the TEDx program, but all individual events, such as TEDxConstanta, are independently organized.

If you need even more information in this area, feel free to personally contact one third of Team AYG, or even connect with them on Twitter: Deli, Ralu, Alex & Marius. 🙂

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