Top 10 e-Commerce Events You Need to Know in 2017

We strongly believe that e-Commerce Events & Conferences are an excellent way to meet people who share similar interests, connect in a direct way through face to face discussions and find common growth opportunities. It is a well-known fact that networking is essential in any business environment, no matter if speaking about e-commerce, traditional retail, or other industry for that matter.
Furthermore, you can grasp an understanding of up-to-date news & know-how and discover the latest trends in specific niches.

On the other side, attending conferences is time-consuming, and can take a toll on your productivity and financial resources. With that in mind, it becomes increasingly important to choose only those specific events that will result in an added value, both for you, from a personal growth standpoint, and for the business you represent.

Therefore, without further ado, #TeamAYG comes to the rescue and highlights 10 conferences our team personally recommends based on reviews, keynote speakers, and seniority focused on the e-commerce niche, which will leave you asking for more.

e-Commerce Events in Europe

Conferences are a fundamental part of staying on top of trends and know-how, so, if you are located in Europe, you might want to book a seat at one of these must-attend e-Commerce events in 2017.

1. eCommerce Worldwide Cross Border Summit 2017, 24 May 2017, LONDON

eCommerce Worldwide Summit is the event that provides online retailers with all the information and resources they need to develop cross-border strategies for entering new markets around the world.

Some of the speakers you’ll be able to meet if attending the event:

  • Gregor McMillan – Business Development The Hut Group, China
  • Michael Truluck – CEO La Redoute
  • Anna Leach – Head of Economic Analysis & Surveys Confederation of British Industry

Details are provided here and retailers can register for free! 🙂

2. TeComm 2017, 26 April, BUCHAREST

TeCOMM is the Eastern European event 100% dedicated to the e-commerce industry. Each year, the event brings together key industry players, influencers, eshop owners, marketing and e-commerce professionals with the aim to educate, inspire and find practical solutions for the everyday challenges.

Some of this year’s confirmed speakers are:

  • Richard Prenderville – CMO & Founder Peloton Digital Marketing Group
  • Kunle Campbell – Advisor GuiltySoles
  • Mike Bainbridge – Chief Digital Technologist Rackspace

You can find out more information about TeComm here.

3. Nordic Ecommerce Summit, 10 May 2017, STOCKHOLM

Nordic Ecommerce Summit is daring to create a positive change, connecting its attendees with bold thought-leaders having great insights from e-commerce, tech and digital innovation.

Some of the people you’ll hear speaking:

  • Madelene Fisch – Co-Founder MADLADY
  • Jan-ove Waldner – The greatest table tennis player of all time
  • Mirko Caspar – Managing Director Mister Spex

For additional details, read on.

4. eTail Europe 2017, 20-22 June 2017, LONDON

With a tradition of 18 years, eTail Europe is one of the e-Commerce events you don’t want to miss.
Launched in 1999, eTail Europe has been dedicated to supporting the growth of the retail industry ever since. What started off as 100 people in a room discussing where this sector is headed, has lead to 2000 senior-level e-Commerce executives being inspired whilst learning and developing their company as well as their careers.

Latest speakers:

  • Anthony Fletcher – CEO
  • Alicya Sinclair – CEO Sinclair London
  • Luca Marini – Founder & COO Finery London

So, if you don’t have plans in late June, check out the event’s details here.

5. E-commerce Summit 2017, 12-14 June 2017, BARCELONA

This year’s Global E-commerce Summit (GES) promises to take participants on a journey from the possible to the actionable, exploring how developing technologies, policies and business models meet consumer expectations that shape the future of digital commerce.

Some of the speakers that will take you from “Now” and “Wow” to “How”:

  • Brian McBride – Chairman ASOS
  • Julie Bowerman – VP Omni-Shopper & Digital Commerce Marketing Coca-Cola
  • Sonja Moosburger – Head of Digital Transformation Media-Saturn

Details here.

6. Ecommerce Live, 31 May 2017, AMSTERDAM

The third edition of E-commerce Live! is the most important large-scale event on e-commerce in the Netherlands, with approximately 1.300 visitors in one day.
Major e-commerce players, the top in retail, webshops, direct sellers, manufacturers, distributors, and brands will be exchanging knowledge, tactics, best practices, and contacts.

There are no stands but round tables and great speakers, such as:

  • Hans Scheffer – Hello Print
  • Steven De Ridder – Picnic
  • Geert-jan Smits – Flinders

For more information, click here.

e-Commerce Events in USA

Since America is the land of all opportunities, according to the popular idiom, here are 3 events you should attend in order to be up-to-date with your e-commerce know-how.

7. Imagine 2017, 3-5 April 2017, LAS VEGAS

Imagine 2017 is the event that brings together 2,500+ commerce experts, including merchants, agencies, and technology providers from 45+ countries to inspire, advance, educate, collaborate, and enjoy a unique experience.

Some of the names vehiculated as speakers:

  • Serena Williams – Athlete
  • Mark Lavelle – CEO Magento Commerce
  • Jessica Herrin – CEO Stella & Dot Family Brands
  • Paul Boisvert – VP Of Product Management Magento Commerce
  • Todd Skidmore – SR Manager Commerce The Coca-Cola Company
  • Kate Morris – CEO & Founder Adore Beauty
  • And so on

You can find more details here.

8. Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2017, 6-9 June 2017, CHICAGO

E-Commerce is evolving faster than ever. Blink, and you’ll miss the next big thing. Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) provides you with a conference full of industry experts and unrivaled agenda content, an exhibit hall filled with the latest and greatest solution providers, and a community made for networking with thousands of like-minded industry peers.

Latest speakers:

  • Harish Abbott – CEO Symphony Commerce
  • Fareeha Ali – Senior Research Analyst Internet Retailer
  • Imran Ansani – Principal Manager, Innovation for Product Content Acquisition & Technology, Global E-Commerce

In June, Chicago is your destination! Details here. 🙂

9. Pulse 2017, 9-11 May 2017, OAKLAND

If you work in any post-sales or customer-facing role, you simply can’t afford to miss the definitive global networking and learning conference in Customer Success. You don’t need another session trying to convince you Customer Success is worth the investment. You need hands-on networking, cutting-edge best practices, and the most recent data on trends, tactics, and forecasts.

Latest speakers:

  • Aaron Levie – CEO Box
  • Kirsten Maas HelveY – CCO Cornerstone OnDemand
  • Tj Keitt – Senior Analyst Forrester Research

Details here.

e-Commerce Events in Australia

Australia is always a good idea, ergo, our 10th featured event comes from Sydney. 🙂

10. Online Retailer 2017, 26-27 July 2017, SYDNEY

Online Retailer is the event that has supported the e-commerce industry from the very beginning, 9 years and counting, being recognized as a premium conference and exhibition designed to offer content for technology led retailers.

Latest speakers:

  • Hannah Burnard – Co-founder & Manager Issue Clothing Co
  • Michael Donath – Multichannel Manager Ikea
  • Agata Ziemianska – Director Nzdmi

Click here for more information.

5 Tips to Take into Account When Attending e-Commerce Events

  • You should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the conference. Not only will you catch a good seat in the plenary, but you’ll be able to start the conversation early with other attendees and continue it in the coffee breaks.
  • Don’t forget to take your business cards. Sure, some people find these “old news”, but hey, business cards come in handy when introducing either you or your services to like-minded individuals. When collecting business cards, you might want to add some personal notes on the business card you are provided, just so you can filter information later on.
  • During or after the event, you should connect with speakers on social media. To this respect, add them on Twitter and Linkedin, since you are interested in his/her projects and ideas, not necessarily their personal life. While you are at it, stay engaged with them on social media, connect, share common interests and extend the conversation.
  • During the event, pay attention to the information the speaker is sharing. Be active and engaged; ask questions to clarify certain issues you might have and after the talk, introduce yourself to the speaker. You never know what mutual connections you might have. *wink
  • Write down important information for later reading, or sharing with your work mates. Last year, for instance, at one of the e-commerce events we participated at, the agenda was full of golden nuggets of information, so we were able to create a great article on conversion optimization.
    However, don’t spend your entire day buried in your laptop or phone. Not only this type of behavior can be viewed as a form of disrespect for the speaker, but you also lose track of what’s happening around you.

There you have it – 10 e-Commerce events you should attend in 2017, plus 5 tips as an added bonus for when you arrive at the destination.
Certainly, there are hundreds of e-commerce events worldwide, thus, let the know-how sharing begin.
What are your favorite e-commerce events from 2017? You never know when we might actually meet face to face at one of these conferences. *smile

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