What is the Awesome 2Performant Magento Module?

Is our 2Performant Magento Module too performant? No, that’s not us being cocky, just a play-upon-words to read and smile at the same time. *smile

It’s been a while since we last wrote about #TeamAYG. I’m sure you’re wondering what is it that we’ve been doing? Lots of business related stuff, you know…

One we’re particularly proud and excited about is our fresh 2Performant Magento Module. Oh, you had already figured this out?! What gave it away? Couldn’t have been the title and intro to the article… Could it? *smile

Now that we have all the technical details, after reading this article you will have learned:

  • A bit about 2Performant and what they do
  • A bit about AYG Romania and what we do
  • How did the planets align to make this joining relevant for Magento Online Shops
  • How is the 2Performant Magento Module your key to a headache-free expansion strategy
  • Some of the key features of our 2Performant Magento Module and how to use them

Who developed the 2Performant Magento Module?

A couple of months ago, two Romanian online shopping agents met. These are laser-focused game changers, in a permanent, avid chase for eCommerce solutions. So, we might say it was a match made online that gave birth to the 2Performant Magento Module. AYG Romania and 2Performant partnered to optimize your online shop’s expansion.

To follow how this happened let’s get to know the 2 players, shall we?

1. 2Performant

2Performant is the first Romanian affiliate marketing platform.

In essence, they offer:

  • Rapid traffic monetization solutions
  • Easy to use, top-notch advertising tools
  • Advanced messaging services
  • A performant, integrated conversions tracking system to add value

2Performant is active on the Romanian market since late 2008. So far, they’ve generated a total of over 700 thousand leads and almost 2 million sales. Being the largest such platform, as well, they bring together 50 thousand registered publishers.
Neat, isn’t it?

2. AYG Romania

AYG Romania is a growing and dynamic software development agency specialized on Magento.

In essence, we offer:

  • Top quality eCommerce IT solutions for both domestic and international markets
  • Customized Magento Development, UX/UI enhancement, and Support services
  • Effective Social Media Marketing solutions, to add value

AYG Romania plays an important role in the Romanian society ever since 2011. We leverage 7+ years of Magento development experience. Both independently and on behalf of foreign partners, we’ve delivered products for popular brands. To mention a few: L’Oreal, Nestle, Decathlon, Philip Morris, etc.

The partnership made sense because we’re both customer centric and performance based companies. Thus, our main drive was to design a relevant, easy to use Magento module that would make your life easier.

What does the 2Performant Magento Module do?

The 2Performant Magento Module allows shop owners to integrate their Magento 1.x Shop within the Affiliate Platform.


  • You’ll manage several product compliances simultaneously
  • You’ll add more feeds, product categories, and applicable commissions regulations
  • You’ll create custom fee rules for your affiliates.

What are the 2Performant Magento Module features?

Thanks to the 2Performant Magento Module you’ll enjoy the following features:

  • Multi-store general feeds. You can create separate feeds for price, URL, language, etc. at the same time
  • Setting ONE general FEE for all products
  • Being able to add more details to each feed product
  • Using Cron based fee generation
  • Setting your own fee calculation rule, if more fees apply to the same product. Choose between minimum, maximum and average value fees.
  • Customizing fee calculation rules to suit your needs. You can apply the fee to certain products, or product groups (e.g.: Brand Custom fee, specific category, products on sale, specific color, etc.):
    • Magento based conditional rules
    • Customer Group Specific Rules
    • Product attribute condition
    • Generating multiple feed files and choosing the products to include in each one (e.g.: specific brand feeds).

Plus, a pretty strong selling point is a no-brainer setup. You can install the 2Performant Magento Module going through 4… or 5 easy steps. It depends on whether your Magento Shop uses modman or if it’s classical. Or you can choose to have us install the module in your shop. *wink

Besides that, it comes with the comprehensive, human language 2Performant Magento Module Manual. You can download our module here. We outlined both Module SetUp and Configuration in human (not programmers’) language. *smile It’s loud and clear, don’t worry!

In conclusion, here are

7 ways the 2Performant Magento Module benefits you:

  • Eases organization and correctly manages information in multi-language websites
  • Simplifies product categories arrangements, especially if you register them from diverse providers It increases your reach
  • It facilitates approaching influencers all around the world
  • It facilitates managing new niche penetration
  • It reduces your marketing efforts
  • It eases setting up a more complex affiliates’ fee regulation system
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